Aloeup suncare protection with Aloe Vera Suncare Protection for snowboarders from Aloe Up contains aloe vera water resistant sunscreen from Aloe Up is non-greasy High factor sunscreens from Aloeup for skiers offers all day protection High altitude suncare products from Aloe up Non greasy and easily absorbed suncreams from Aloe Up

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"I have now used Aloe Up SPF 30 for 5 years diving, golfing, sailing, skiing, hill-walking and recently holidaying in Florida. My very fair skinned partner used it for the first time on this trip. In the past we both often had to head indoors for fear of burning, but not since using Aloe UP. No sunburn whatsoever and able to stay out all day, in 90 degree, not a cloud in the sky weather. Simply the best sunscreen ever!"
Neil (one very happy fair skinned and tanned Scottish customer)

Aloe Up Suncare & Sunscreen Products - The Brand Story

Aloe Up has been established since 1983 and was founded in the Rio Grande valley of Texas, the main growing area for Aloe plantations. In late 1981 Joyce Benson a professional golfer persuaded her husband 'RC'to create a suncream derived from the Aloe plants he grew on his farm. Joyce already used the Aloe Vera based moisturizers & gels which were commercially manufactured from the laboratory at the farm.  She wanted that same non greasy feeling on her skin using a 'sun protection factor' cream. Within a year they had a small range of Aloe based sun creams which were distributed and tested extensively on LPGA tour.  The results were amazing. Everyone agreed that it was the best cream they had used, no one ever got burnt, it was not greasy and felt like they did not have anything on their skin.

30 years on and AloeUp is the leading brand for Aloe based suncare products in sports, resorts, spa and speciality markets. "It costs a bit more but it is the best formula you can get and it works so much better than other products out there today" don't have to reapply AloeUp it lasts most of the day... a little goes a long way.

Aloe-Up, the specialists in sun protection.....Why and How?

Aloe Vera is a pharmacy in a plant and extracting aloe Vera from the native plant has been practised for thousands of years. It is used extensively to heal burnt, dry, chapped skin after exposure to water wind and sun and is increasingly popular for the use in treating internal ailments. When applied to skin or ingested Aloe gel stimulates the immune system into action to regenerate skin cells and this is why Aloe is a great moisturizer and sunburn relief product. Aloe is the same PH as human skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body primarily there to protect you; so look after it!

The Aloe Up Sun Protection Collection protects the outer skinlayers called Epidermis from UVB sunburn. This consists of 15-40 layers of flattened skin cells called 'Corneocytes' . The Inner Epidermis is protected from penetrating UVA rays damaging effects. (Broad Spectrum protection)  'Corneocytes' migrate up from the Inner Epidermis and replace themselves about once a month.

Readily adaptable and grown organically, (no pesticides or fungicides) the Aloe plant is environmentally friendly and Aloe Vera is an obvious natural ingredient of choice in a world where sustainability is increasingly important. If you don't put in at least 20% by volume of Aloe Vera Gel to skin products your skin will not get the true benefits. A few percent of Aloe Vera used in a product is a cheap marketing ploy. AloeUp products are formulated with a minimum of 35% Aloe Vera to 96.9%. Your skin will feel the difference! "Remember the Aloe you think of as a sunburn healer is an even better sunburn preventer."

Miliaria, Prickly Heat or Heat Rash sufferers?

Aloe Up suncreams are also recommended for 'Heat Rash' suffers because they are non-greasy and do not clog up the sweat pores.  This allows the skin to breath making the application even more effective thanks to the Aloe content. See our heat rash information & recommendations page.

Aloeup suncreams for sports enthusiasts and beautiful skin. PARABEN FREE

Aloe Up products are the first choice for sports enthusiasts and offer a broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection using Avobenzone (also called Parsol 1789).  This is a broad spectrum classification and all formula's are PARABEN free and Oxybenzone and Alcohol free.

Aloe Up for water resistant, non greasy, sunscreens....How does it work?

Remember Aloe Up sun protection formulas are biodegradable and have a minimum content of 35% pure Aloe gel. Aloe gel/juice extracted from organic plants has the same PH as human skin.  When applied Aloe is absorbed into the outer epidermis of skin thus providing a naturally effective water resistant barrier to protect the skin from  harmful UV sunrays whilst retaining super moisturising qualities. This provides a fine non greasy protection barrier.  Greasy lotions sit on the surface of skin, block the sweat pores (results in contamination of eyes when perspiring which stings) and have low moisturising qualities. These cheap formula's have to be reapplied way more often and leech onto the water surface in the sea creating a fine oil slick. These products do not biodegrade and take longer to break down.

Check out the latest Aloe Up brochure for environmentally friendly suncreams and accessories.